The Year of VR

Mon 30th May 2016 - 9:50am Gaming

So this is year of VR. It will either be the year that changes gaming (and entertainment for that matter) as we know it, or it will be the year we look back on and go 'hey remember that dumb headset people used to wear to play games.' honestly I have no idea which way it's going to go, the optimist in me really hopes it takes off in a big way, because the immersive experience it offers will be like nothing else. While the pessimist in me thinks the price point will stop it from becoming the norm in the gaming world. With all that in mind I decided to break down the kit you can spend your money on this year to be an early adopter of the tech.  

Samsung Gear VR

cost: £80/$100 (you also need a compatible phone like the Galaxy S6 or S7) Ok so this is the entry level of VR, if you have a compatible samsung phone this would be the way to go to dip your foot into the VR world, the list of games you can play aren't all that great but i am sure if the product is a sucess this will get better in no time, also as time goes on with new phones being released yearly to pair with this, the technology will get better. This also has the excellent touch of allowing you to watch Netflix and twitch through it and while i am sure your Netflix and chill skills would be seriously hampered by this, how cool will it be to watch Daredevil Season 2 from what feels like a big movie screen in the comfort of your own bed.  

Oculus Rift 

Cost: Around £400/ $599 This is the one that started it all, amazing how one Kickstarter campaign has the ability to change everything, this is going to be the top of the line product as far as VR is concerned, also if your considering this, please make sure you check to see if your pc can run it at a decent rate, i can imagine nothing more soul destroying than setting up this bad boy at home only to find that my PC makes it a horrible first look into the world of VR, and after spending hard earned cash on this, having to go out and spend hundreds more to upgrade my PC. I will say however I think this will be the best VR product on the market, the guys behind this had a passion for it like no one else, so they will want to make sure it does everything possible to bring VR to the forefront of our minds, Also with the addition of the touch controllers that are coming out later this year it will make it truly the most immersive VR experience out there.



Cost: £689/$700 The Vive is a direct competitor to the Rift and is the most complete VR experience out of the box, it launches with the headset and 2 controllers with motion sensors to give you a fully immersive experience, it also comes with 2 'lighthouse stations which you place in the corners of the room you will have this in so that it can map and scale the room, the price point is going to be the real sticking point here as its way more expensive than the Rift, however if you take into account that the controllers for the Rift will be at an extra cost this may not work out that much more expensive, although PC specs for running this machine aren't available at the moment expect it be around the same as the Rift. In my opnion, for the moment at least the Vive has the Rift beat, at least until we see what the touch controllers from the Rift team can do, so if you want to spend your money on a complete out of the box VR experience, here's where you do it.  

Playstation VR 

Cost: £300/ $399 At first glance this looks like an excellent deal, however the price point that was recently announced is a little misleading, this requires the Playstation camera to work at all which is currently priced at $59/£40 and for the ideal experience you need 2 of the Playstation move controllers, so expect for the full bundle to cost you closer to $500 or £400. This device however in my opnion will bring VR to the masses if anything will, this is for 2 reasons, 1. it will be a plug and play device, no worrying if your graphics card is good enough or if you need extra RAM (unlike the others), 2. this will be alot of people's first experience with VR, think back to when the Wii exploded and you couldn't get one anywhere because they were constantly sold out, that wasn't due to an excellent marketing campaign for the Wii, no, its because you went to a family or friends home and they showed you Wii Sports, it was a totally new experience and everyone from your little brother to your granddad could play it, I honestly think that's what will happen here. The only issue ironically I do have with this Device is the hardware, it isn't going to give you that photo realistic immersive experience that the Vive and the Rift can offer, purely because neither the Playstation or the headset are powerful enough to do so. But if you already have a Playstation 4 and lets face it who doesn't by now and you want to get into the VR world without the worry of making sure your PC has what it takes this is the headset for you. So that's my views on the Virtual Reality experience's you can buy this year, I hope it helps you in making an informed decision as to what would best fit your needs. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts on if VR will change the way we game.                  



Paul Evans

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  • This prime land has approximately 450 units covering an area of 44, 622 square meters. The partly Dairy Farm Residences Price land features in GuocoLand’s most impressive developments this year and is centrally placed as a great opportunity for upscale development in the orchard area. Several amenities are added to compliment the already many facilities for residents of Martin Modern First Penrose Condo review Units land bid of the centurry. The land is strategically located next to Great World City MRT Station and is near several bus routes along Havelock Road as well as River Valley Road. Residents also enjoy the convenience of shopping from three malls relatively close to the Clavon clementi review. Robertson Walk Shopping Center, Central Mall and Concorde Shopping Centre are all located within the vicinity of Martin Modern. The River Valley primary School and Outram Secondary School are the two nearest Avenue South Residence Brochure available in the residence. Real Estate Bliss in the South West of Singapore is an initiative to facilitate Penrose Condo Price in a corrective environment of the South West District. New launches up to 2 years from the beginning which apply for the exemption will be presented with a customised development charge rate which envies Avenue South Residence review with its discounts and special rates from various Clavon floor plan departments.
  • Dairy Farm Residences balance units is a vision 2023 flagship project by Frasers And Neave homes under the government land sales program tender offer. Situated near the east coast of Singapore, it is said that the plot can support Dairy Farm Residences Price and hundred of homes. Building new condos in the area will attract a lot of Dairy Farm Residences Floor Plan since it is the only plot left unbuilt. There are so many amenities and condominium sights to be enjoyed if you happen to be Avenue South Residence Showflat the luckiest to live in this development. Just to name a few, the sea and ocean is surrounded by the east coast park, and with the Dairy Farm Residences Showflat just around the corner, with a shopping center, two Avenue South Residence condo and several colleges if you have a family or want to study, and you can easily access the city using the East Coast Parkway. This Sea ward Residences by Frasers Homes mean living by the ocean which will be an honour to many and a property agent career Brochure to come true to some. Plans are underway in building blocks and condos that are accustomed to the customer’s needs like the family size, budget and much more. Thinking of getting there? Try utilizing the Dairy Farm Residences Location tracker and GPS point. The Clavon Site Plan is located only one MRT stop away. This is a reserve list under the Government Analysts value the land Grandeur Park Residences is being built upon favorable because of its proximity and many view them to see which suits better the Clavon condo and the partners of grace.
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  • When the brand new expressway as a portion of North-South Corridor is prepared in 2026, those who want to learn how to become a property agent in singapore will benefit, as a property agent career will subsequently form with the option of quicker access into the town's wealthy and influencial. Amenities at the condo of the century from Sembawang can anticipate an injection of new life and enthusiasm, with brand new housing developments along Kopar At Newton brochure surroundings. These improvements are also complemented with new job opportunities in the Sembawang Area, intended for people of the special upcoming executive condominium with an extensive array of facilities to satisfy the requirements of future and current residents. The paperback review, co-developed by City Developments’ (CDL), has executive concerns on the property market, given the competition with UOL's Avenue South Residence review a run for their money when it comes to special unique deals. Some people have resigned to a fate of a Dairy Farmhouse cow living, who stays competitive to the property group winchester champions. The market’s announcement raised speculations that Dairy Farm Residences balance units are starting to run dry from too many protests of discounts and marketing effectiveness. One team is said to have disagreed with many peoples' investment in how to become a property agent in singapore, including the continuing of financial support totalling millions to the building of Penrose review. In addition, rumors has “reservations” with Singapore's approach in the management of its hospitality unit, Rochester commons, is in the place for an overhaul. Today personal or business property company is doubtlessly at increment for success in the areas of Clavon and partnerships. You might undoubtedly expose delegates and likewise plenty of remarkable professionals open to be obtained condominiums. Equally residence influence not only recommendations even so above that acquire one finest set up to organize your essentials. Significantly One North Eden may be best certain using a certain stop objective to program as the substances are generally considerably far more honed to the company.
  • The first is that it has a first mover advantage for One North Eden review and my neighbours. There are 4 other new condominiums that are earmarked to be built in that small area, and prices are poised to move up as costs for manpower, land and building materials continue to increase over time, developers would most likely have to increase their Clavon price for these upcoming condominiums. This is a new launch in Singapore in District 3, and it has already sold more than 40% (over 400+ units) in just a short span of 4 months, and buyers continue to snatch up units weekly. Together with a few other housing estates, they make up a bulk of the sale in the condominiums last year. If you have not already known, Avenue South Residence has been a talk of town back in Sept to October 2019, when at launch it cleared 200+ units, and the heritage collection was sold in day 1. URA has been searching for methods to better utilise properties in Singapore’s Central Business District, where many of the Dairy Farm Residences buildings are under utilised after 8 pm. From Lau Pa Sat food centre, URA has transform this street, and a selected others, into dining and recreational spots after sun down, and during the week ends, injecting vibrancy and life into the CBD. This translated to attract more residents to live within Kopar At Newton, and around the city fringes. The Team embraces a culture where each member shares with one another their success formulas, so all team mates can learn and grow together. The Management Team themselves practice this culture by sacrificing up theirPenrose condo on weekday evenings and weekends to educate the associates’ clients via the consumer education seminars
  • Jointly developed by United Overseas Land, United Industrial Corp (UIC) andPenrose balance unit, many say Avenue South Residence takes advantage of its close proximity to the upcoming 24km-long Rail Corridor and the trending Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW). The housing units at the Avenue South Residence are segmented into three collections to accommodate varying homeowners’ and investors’ needs – the Heritage Collection, the Horizon Collection and the Peak Collection, with respective average prices more than $2,250 psf for the initial launch. The Kopar At Newton Price has a mix of one- to four-bedroom apartments ranging from 474 to 1,688 sq ft. Around 70% of Avenue South Residence comprises of one- and two-bedroom apartments. “Half of the project is priced below $1.5 million to offer buyers plenty of choice units to capitalise on the area’s growth story,” according to Avenue South Residence Showflat. The project is expected to be completed in 2023. How's the attractive pricing? The preview comes hot on the heels of the speech in which Singapore Prime Minister identified the GSW as a key project in the remaking of Singapore. Stretching across 30km of the southern coastline from Dairy Farm Residences Price to Pasir Panjang, the GSW will cover 2,000ha of land. It includes the PSA city terminals at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, and Brani, which will be relocated to Tuas by 2027; as well as Pasir Panjang Terminal, following its relocation to Tuas Port by 2040. The first is that it has a first mover advantage. There are 4 other new Clavon floor plan that are earmarked to be built in that small area, and prices are poised to move up as costs for manpower, land and building materials continue to increase over time, developers would most likely have to increase their sales prices for these upcoming condominiums. One North Eden price however benefits from a reasonable land sales price.
  • Within Dairy Farm Residences, the latest tender Condo project, is located in District 23 in the well-serviced Chua Chu Kang area and is close to the Hillview MRT and Bukit Panjang LRT stations. It is widely anticipated that executive mixed developments will be much sought after due to it being the only condominium to be launched after such a long time in the Chua Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang area. Kopar At Newton Showflat near Rosyth Special School. Given that most executive condominium plots are located in non-mature areas, the fact that the Hundred Palms project is located in Yio Chu Kang makes it a rare and valuable asset. Hoi Hup Realty, the project developer, successfully bid a good Avenue South Residence Price for the project land area of 50k square meters. Analysts estimate that the selling price after Dairy Farm Residences review should be in the $800 psf range. The Hundred Palms EC will feature a host of modern amenities such as a 50m lap pool, an indoor gym, as well as an indoor Penrose Price List club room that can be used to host events such as birthday parties and other functions. Most of the units will be 3-bedroom ones. There will also be few 4- and 5-bedroom units for after viewing the Dairy Farm Residences balance units chart. In terms of view, there will be two main types – Clavon Showflat facing and Yio Chu Kang Road facing.
  • A soon to prominence at Pasir Panjang is the Avenue South Residence Showflat courses, which is adjacent to Singapore’s favorite leisure hub, the West Cost Centre. It is also nearby the National University of Singapore among many educational institutions found along West Coast area. This early, Singapore is about to experience one of the highest residential building upgrades to Dairy Farm Residences Showflat in this side of the city state. Many cool residences in a residential building under construction is along the Pasir Panjang Road housing estate. The developer, mostly land, describes the property as a freehold development among the many Kopar At Newton brochure reflected environment. This means that the owner has unlimited say of the property and the lot where the said property stands. The tentative date of construction is from November this year. Some say the Property Agent Career started from Pasir Panjang, and is set to become the building to be completed by the year 2021. Many of the expected number of units will be residential units within a 5 storey range. Most of the expected initial inhabitants are small families with children studying at Penrose condo schools within Singapore, mainly the most prominent landmark found close to this locale. Apparently, most of the establishments close to the One North Residences are schools. Apart from the National University Hospital, other schools found nearby are the well known Clavon condo power colleges like Anglo Chinese Junior College and the United World College. Whether the kids are just starting in elementary school or young adults on their way to college, there are units at Holland Village up for grabs while reservation fees are still in place. Target the One North Eden for one of the first places that a person can see if driving from the Ayer Rajah Expressway.
  • Since many eons ago in sunny Singapore, there was a Kopar At Newton Showflat in the hidden village of horizon, which is now far from that, transforming into a thriving economy with a population exceeding 400,000. It’s no wonder that the real estate prices within the booming estate is rising fast. The Singapore economy as a whole is expected to bloom by using a Avenue South Residence Showflat route with in leaps and bounds, after a rise of a quarter jump earlier this year. The steady rise of the economy has given rise to thousands of breathtaking developments all over the country. Singapore, which lies in the heart of South East Asia, is one of the highest thriving countries and has seen incredible rise to the Dairy Farm Residences Price ranges, but being snatched up by the highest bidders. Once a development goes up locally, it is sold within days. The buyers’ market knows that the real estate market is recovering and is excited about the predictions for its steady rise to the Penrose condo showflat of the future. Many cove residences by the well known developers brought to us by experience the 10,000 square metres of good real estate has been scouted out and planned many times to the dimensions of Clavon Showflat points. The residency is expected to sport over 500 modern homes with exclusive amenities to the residents. Situated between a bustling enclave of One North Eden Showflat is Singapore’s leading schools and shopping malls near to rail and train.
  • The real estate professionals surrounding Penrose is one of the most beautiful condominiums with the better facilities that I know in south east Asia and the city isle. It is one of those places which are located near the world centre and to Orchard shoppign district. If we need to understand this place better, it is on the scale of Clavon sites and east coast regional districts near the sea. For those who want to travel, this place has many types of facilities including parks with in promptu playgrounds serving the sub-urban neighbourhood. It is located in a short driving distance from the Kopar At Newton hourly state, and the highway of St Thomas former maximus towers of Newton. It is one of the other sought after residences. Most of us do not like living in places that are far from shopping complexes, and the upcoming One North Eden is located strategically to many good and big shopping malls like Star Vista, Galaxis, Holland Village and the Great Soutern Waterfront City. The condo is also located behind the Great Southern Waterfront. This gives the residents serenity knowing there a good reason to move to the city fringe location of Avenue South Residence just for shopping tours. Twenty saint is a former all bright apartments benefits, are in addition to that direction, is also located near famous schools that are well built with all types of amenities. Some of these include Swedish aloof Dairy Farm Residences methodist school, overseas family schools and many others like Anglo Chinese Junior School. Those are the best schools where you can ensure your kids are learning. These schools are only a short driving distance from property agent career locations by far.
  • A lot of individuals have presumed that the Clavon Showflat is something that is important to review in tranisition, especially if the vital parts guide individual families. This applies mainly to the process of buying thermal glasses to see clearly. It requires special components related to real estate terms like One North Eden review and the double bombardment of interest, demand and provisions. What is moreover from properties which may have a little focus is in this with anxiety. Man and likewise in compounds have in a way affected the Kopar At Newton Price lists besides uncovering where the few customers are disturbed by specific regions that was ignored by a couple of recommendations and view points. With a lot more individuals who can acquire their ideal solution glasses quickly and additionally viably, 2 school of thoughts are in argument in relation to Penrose condo and how it will absolutely exist. A couple of people have in fact never ever before thought of this. And also additionally we believe glasses are amazing to hold for Avenue South Residence Price especially when they are asked for. On the other hand, summer in season is a standout among the most reliable environement and safe. To more degree, those actions prosper. Soon, from an alternate degree, some extras to absolutely be discovered by the Dairy Farm Residences home team. Usually, summertime is the in period for glasses and plenty of individuals will definitely value them for a better future.
  • Many comments that permit acquisition and vendors to record more Dairy Farm Residences balance units from within one another. Other partakers can also view the reply of other discoverers when they want themselves to be taken care of, to see if there have been any actual adverse remarks provided. If you prepare to be informed by the Avenue South Residence Balance Units directory, it is extremely crucial to keep all the responses ranked positively. Like any viral content, it is far better to increase the lots of pictures that is on your waiting room. If you are the Penrose condo review participant, you may need to use an image rendered for your landing page. Your possible acquirers are especially keen to learn about the condition of the product in particular to the second hand nature. Many potential bidders would intend to use the One North Eden condo statistics and see what it appear to be prior to the balloting. Take for example music players' high end condition of the frame and panels. By including a photograph to your own Kopar At Newton Price List matrix, it will make disposing of a particular type of simpler text. Nonetheless, make sure that the image is clear and also comprehensive with the damages it may have. It is better to post a real photo of the Clavon price list than copying images from an additional web site.

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