DEG's CS:GO team finish 2nd at GamerCon

Fri 17th Feb 2017 - 12:40pm Gaming


A big well done to our boys who competed in this weekends GamerCon CSGO event over in Dublin Ireland. The boys put on a show and finished second without even getting knocked out of the event, how is that possible you ask well lets take it from the top.

With GamerCon 2017 having come to a conclusion (sort of) we would like to give you guys a quick summary of the successes and the failures of the event for our team.

Going into the event the plan was to have the upper and lower bracket play out on the saturday and just the finals and the showmatch on the sunday. Due to issues with the networking our team only managed to play one a half games on the saturday within a 9 hour time period, yes you did read that correctly one and a half games. During our 2nd game the event security came in and forced our team to turn off their PC's because it was 6:30pm.

Sunday did run a bit smoother and we even got to play against the All-Star mix of Nobodys on the main stage of the convention center with hundreds of on lookers watching our CS:GO team as they took a 9-6 T side Inferno half before time restaints forced us to call it quits. Our first official match of the day was against Entropia Gaming in which we edged out the victory with a 16-14 win sending us into the Upper Bracket Finals where we would play Nobodys but sadly we fell 16-6 to the All-Star Irish mix that has claimed victory at the 3 previous Irish lans and we would now make our way down to the Lower Bracket Finals.

Once down to the Lower Bracket Finals this is when once again the dissapointment that we had experienced the previous day began to return. Before the match started both our CS:GO team and Team Unity were called over to the admins and informed that we would not get a chance to play the final due to only 1 hour remaining before the event would close the building and force everyone out. They instead gave the 1st Place along with the prize of 900 euro to Nobodys who had made their way through the Upper Bracket and into the Grand Finals with 4 Best of 1 victories. We tried to persuade the CS:GO admins to allow us to finish the tournament online and with Best of 3's instead of best of 1's but sadly the GamerCon event would not let us as they wanted the tournament to be finished at the lan and a winner to be declared which in my opinion is quite stupid, if they cannot run the event properly they should not bother at all. So our team along with Unity were forced to play a Best of 1 to decide who would go home with 2nd place and a 500 euro cheque. I know what you are thinking by this point, you are thinking it cannot get any worse, and you would be horribly wrong.

We headed onto de_train to carry out this best of 1. The game was extremely close with our team picking up 7 T side rounds along with the CT pistol round to put us into a 9-8 lead before losing a 1v1 to put the score back up to 9-9. With a few pistols invested we once again lost the 1v1 to put Unity back into the lead of the game and now with both teams on a full buy the event staff turned off the network on which we were playing causing us to lose all progress in the match. So with 4 and a half best of 1's played through the entire event for both our CS:GO team and Team unity decided to cut our losses and through the spirit of sportsmanship take a tied 2nd Place and split the 500 euro prize equally between all 10 players.

Overall the event for us performance wise was a huge success but the disappointment of how few matches we got to play and even having one of our players spend hundreds of Euros to come over from Sweden means that we leave extremely disappointed and with a bitter taste in our mouths. I would go on record and say we will not go to any future events that GamerCon hold due to this event but in hind sight we more than likely will attend more events if they manage to fix all the problems they had this weekend. I really hope their organisers learn from these mistakes and go on to produce some memorable weekends for the future.

Its now over to our Call of Duty team who are attending I60 in April. No pressure boys!!



Paul Evans

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