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Tue 31st May 2016 - 3:50pm Gaming

It not very often you come across a designer in the land of Twitter or anywhere on the web without thinking that the person on the other end of the keyboard charging you £10 for a YouTube or Twitter banner is a 13 year old with very limited skills in Photoshop and not a creative cell in their body. So after parting with that hard earned cash you receive your item that you suddenly realise looks very similar to the ‘ Free YouTube Banner Template’ you typed in on Google about 30 mins prior to speaking to this designer (don’t laugh we know its happened to you). Now were not the type of organisation to let people waste their money so if your still in need of that awesome Twitter Banner or that organisation logo you’ve got designed in your head then let us introduce you to IAMDEADBIRD.


We recently got in touch with our friend WAFLNeo ( for some help with regards to design ideas MuLLigAn had for a youtube banner. WAFLNeo told us IAMDEADBIRD was the person to speak to and it just so happened that was the best advice we had ever received, as MuLLigAn ended up getting more graphics than he had anticipated.


With his graphics and creative ideas being something of beauty we decided to have a sit down and have a chat to the creative genius behind IAMDEADBIRD, Ladies and Gentlemen……… Wayne

So Wayne how did you get in graphic design? I first started out at school, learning the basics and actually enjoying a subject. I've always been quite creative and used to doodle all over my school books and others'. It's just something I've always had an interest in.

Was it always something you loved doing? Yeah it was, but it developed into design from just general illustration. I always used to be drawing, doodling and creating comics, stuff like that. I just enjoyed spilling the contents of my brain onto random pieces of paper.

Have you always been into the cartoon aspect of graphic design? The cartoon aspect is probably what im most familiar with. It kind of just naturally progressed from the doodles and numerous scribbles into better doodles and scribbles.

Obviously you make a lot of YouTube designs, how important is it for people looking to make it on YouTube to have professional looking Banners and Thumbnails? In all honesty it makes no difference at all, it should, but it just doesn't. I've seen video's with millions of views have abysmal thumbnails, it's all about the channel popularity. Popular channels will get views regardless of any channel art or thumbnails but who wants rubbish art? I've noticed that most of the 'big' YouTubers have thumbnails that are simple and bad designed but are easily created using basic Photoshop techniques. It's all about personal preference but i wouldn't want thumbanils that suck!

Your portfolio consists of a number of amazing services you offer, so what is the one thing you love designing the most? That's a tough one but I'd probably say creating profile pics. Since everyone looks different it keeps a bit of variety in my work and as they never take too long i get to experiment with techniques quite a bit.

Whats the best design you’ve ever done? Well my personal favourite would probably have to be the ThrillCo logo i created for a competetive Gears of War team, however the most popular has been the Trevor Philips progression piece.

And the worst? Urgh, there are so many! Genuinely i couldnt pick 1 particular piece. I'm usually never happy with my work when it's done as i always want to work on it more but there are times when you just have to stop.

You’ve done work for some pretty big YouTube names, so obviously apart from MuLLigAn and Kid Chaos who has been your favorite client? Yeah there's been a few and to be honest it's some of the so called smaller clients that are better to work with but working for @TTerroriser was pretty cool! It's always good when the client has a clear idea of what they're wanting and Brian did.

Whats your favorite video game of all time? Easy, Fallout 3.

PS4 or Xboxone? Hahaha, well... i play my XboxOne a lot more but i gotta say that the PS4 is the superior gaming console.

Sonic or Mario? Mario.

Favorite football (soccer) team? *whispers Newcastle United. *cough (hahahahahahaha)

We recently did a article on superhero’s in computer games, which superhero would you like to see in their own game? I'm quite fond of the Batman Arkham games so my favourite has already been done but I'd love to see a 'good' Deadpool game or even Guardians of the Galaxy.

Last questions….. The guys are a pretty big fans of ChaBoyHD and AzzyTheMLGPPro anychance you could get them in a game with us? :P The guys are always so busy that i struggle to game with them so if you do find a fool proof method then let me know! ;)

If you would like to see more of Wayne's work click here You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook If you require a quote for any GFX you want doing please contact us or IAMDEADBIR directly. His services will be up in our shop very soon so stay tuned. Check out some more of his stuff below:



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