Turtle Beach Stealth 700 for PS4 | Is it the best?

Mon 20th Nov 2017 - 11:11am General

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is the latest premium wireless gaming headset for PlayStation 4, with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound and active noise-cancellation, plus Bluetooth connectivity to the new Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. So how good is this headset well luckily Turtle Beach provided us with one to try out.

Whats in the box?

Inside the lovely yet simple packagaing you will find the headset, a USB bluetooth transmitter, a charging cable, a optical input cable (if your using a PS4 slim this is useless to you) and of course some instructions. 

How easy is it to setup?

Well to put it plain and simple its as easy as changing a light bulb, theres no messing about simply plug in the USB transmitter directly into your PS4, turn on your headset and away you go........ yes its really that simple.

The build and feel:

Honestly when I first removed the headset from the box I wasnt overly satisfied with the build quality especially considering they retail at $149.99/£129.99 there is a almost cheap feel to the headset with all that plastic. I was also let down with comfort of the headset. Dont get me wrong the synthetic leather ear cushions feel really nice and cool on your ears for those long gaming sessions but the padded headband felt far to snug on my nogging (head) and after a 8 hour gaming session it didnt feel anywhere near as comfy as my Turtle Beach Elite Pros.

The Sound:

This is where this headset really comes into its own and pretty much excels at, more than any other thing else on this headset. The sound quality from the headset is just phenomnal I played alot of Call of Duty WW2 and Fortnite with this headset and even took advantage of the 'SuperHuman Hearing' mode which amplifies the in the game volume. It really did assist during those tight and palm sweaty moments during a 1v1 on Search and Destroy and assisting me in Fortnite to hear the direction my enemy was coming from helping me win my first ever PvP in Fortnite. In party chat I had no issues with hearing instructions from my teammates and everything was crystal clear.


The microphone is very simple to use you push it up to mute and pull it down to unmute. I had no complaints from teammates in game about the microphone with some friends even commeting that my microphone quality was probably the best its sounded in a long time. The two volume wheels on the left earcup let you adjust in-game volume and the volume you hear your own voice at, which is nice, though at higher volumes, you’ll hear yourself breathe. My teammates assured me I didnt sound like Darth Vader on the other end.

The battery life:

One thing Turtle Beach dont let you down with is the the battery life of their wireless headsets. It says up to 10 hours battery on a full charge and they are not lying. Ive literally only charged the headset once in the past week. One issue though for me is that if the battery runs out within game and your PS4 is located across the room, your in trouble. They dont come with a extra long charging cable so you'll have to stop what your doing to recharge them which is a bummer if your mid way through a online game.


There is absolutely no question this headset is good and the audio qaulity from this headset is fantastic but when paying $149.99/£129.99 for a headset i expect alot better in the way of design qaulity and comfort.

I have no doubt that in my mind that you can find a headset that has better build quality and comfort for the same price or cheaper......... but ill tell you now you wont find a wireless headset with audio as good as the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 for the same price.


Its a strong 7/10 for this headset. 

Check out the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 by clicking here: 



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