Military Battery Reconditioning Review

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017 - 7:21am
    Military Battery Reconditioning Review Covanta laid down the bet that once we really take a holistic approach and internalize all the associated impacts, cradle to grave, local conversion will come out on top.Covanta led in with the simple statement that you can't tell if our standards are inadequate or not, because they just keep changing. Developers and Agencies alike can never tell whether what is proposed today will meet the standards by the time it is built, because our regulatory platform is build on shifting sand. Plasco lit into the PRC "criteria", calling for performance based, not prescriptive, set of standards and conditions... then announced their New Baby: both CalRecycle and CEC had pre-certified their conversion technology for their Salinas Valley project as an "eligible renewable energy generation facility". CAW offered the ominous if obscure opinion that "if you want Diversion Credit, you are going to have to go Above and Beyond"... (beyond what, please tell us)About here, CEERT showed signs of Angst... "What is the Policy Basis? WHO KNOWS??"... and gave the Dire Warning of the Day: "The Environmental Community is Loading Up, and this isn't gonna be any fun, no fun at all..." (watch Teru Talk for more on this, fo' sure)

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