Machine Gun Lays Review

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017 - 8:33am
    Machine Gun Lays Review Your thoughts can actually affect your vision. Research has shown that while thinking pleasant, happy thoughts, one's eyes are more relaxed. Relaxed eyes have better focus and make smooth movements. Negative thoughts, as you might suspect, cause the eyes to strain. Strained eyes tend to stare and the movements of the eye are jerky causing your eyes to ache or feel fatigued. Your eyes don't lie. If your eyes hurt or you feel tension behind them, they are simply trying to tell you to relax. Feel a headache coming on near the eyes or behind them? You are straining your eyes and need to relax.So, how do you "relax your eyes?" It is fast (about 15-20 minutes) and easy. Remember that the payoff for taking the time is relaxed eyes that focus better and enable you to better comprehend what you read or look at. First, close your eyes and concentrate on the darkness. Let the negative things that stress you out just fade away. Think of positive, pleasant things. I like to imagine myself relaxing under a tree on a beach, looking at the ocean. I have a frosty, sparkling drink on the table next to me. My legs are stretched out and my feet are on the extended beach chair. Perhaps I see dolphins leap in the water. Perhaps I notice a breeze caressing my face.

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