What's Really Keeping You From Success?

  • Fri 24th Nov 2017 - 11:29am
    Most people during these rough Trajectory Manifestation and challenging times are facing fear like never before. However, fear will not change our situation, nor the economic climate. To change the world around us the world inside us must change. During the Great Depression there were more millionaires created than any other time in history. So my contention is this, why not let you be the exception to the current tide and let's look at exactly what a life without limits feels like. Let's take the power that lies within, and create a life without limits. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results. As we are in command and control of our thoughts we are therefore in control of our results. In order to find out exactly what a life without limits feels like we must change our thoughts and conquer our fears. We must dare to dream again and envision the world as we deserve to thrive it. When we set goals, design dream boards, and affirm visions of a thriving life we are taking control and changing the world we see and then the world we see changes. Start to today; decide to conquer your fears and find out exactly what a life without limits feels like.
  • Wed 6th Dec 2017 - 6:10am
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