Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans
  • 85DuNnY

    Paul Dunn

    Leader of the clash clan So Help Us God (lvl 9) and our feeder clan iniMicaL. Founding member and ex leader of the COD clan EL!T3-K!LL3RZ. Currently only gaming on Clash of clans where we are lucky to have such an active and friendly, not to mention loyal team, who have been together now for over a year, adapting and kicking butt on the war scene within the game ! Currently in possession of 85DuNnY, killers_harry, krupt, isaiah x and Engl!sh accounts in our main clan, also elit3-kill3rz and Beighton Lenson accounts in our freshly formed feeder clan ! Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family....Read More

  • Jcgbonz

    Juan Gonzalez

    Im in the clash section for S.H.U.G OR SO HELP US GOD my name in clash of clans is JCGbonz youll see me soon in war. Im probably the most cockyiest person ever....Read More

  • formidablesoul3

    Mason Lombard

    Clash of clans member of SHUG. KATO...Read More

  • timothyheikkila

    Timothy Heikkila

    Disregard females, acquire currency ...Read More