Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Pachenko

    Marcin Budzinski

    I am an entry fragger for an Irish CS:GO team. A veteran player with over 5,000 hours....Read More

  • nLINE

    Gustas Varnagys

    Counter strike player since 2005,nLINE is secondary entry fragger....Read More

  • DeaNjB

    Dean Brown

    Currently the IGL for Team Dead Element Gaming....Read More

  • csgonyreen

    Samuel Nyrén

    ...Read More

  • Fletcher

    Jack Belcher

    I'm a counter-strike player now coach for DEG, Been playing CSGO for 2-3 years now, played in 1.6 a little bit when I was younger was mainly into COD...Read More


  • Position
  • 2nd
    Gamercon Dublin
    19 Mar 2017
  • 3rd
    Dedifire League.
  • 3rd
    Irish Pro League Season 1.
  • 10th
    ESEA UK Open Season 23.
  • 3rd
    CEVO-Amateur Season 11.